Artist Statement


I’ve come to the art world via a career in social work. After many years of working with abused and neglected children and with adults who care for children, I was fortunate to retire early. Almost immediately, I began exploring, through books, workshops and conferences, a variety of fiber art. Knitting, weaving, felting, beading, dying, and quilting all fascinated me.


I discovered art quilting about five years ago when I set out to create portraits of my dog and my grandchildren. My art quilts have evolved from family to the natural world. I am endlessly stimulated by nature and at the same time at peace there. I want my quilts to reflect both of those attributes.

I work from photographs, taken by me or in some cases by my husband, then edited and composed, before being recreated in fabric. I use commercial and hand dyed fabric, rayon and invisible threads, beading, hand embroidery and some painting on my work. I continue to grow as an artist and hope to move into more abstract representations of the natural world.

My life has always included politics, art, literature, music, dance, gardening, children and animals. All of these are influences that I expect will eventually turn up in my work.


Two of my quilts have been accepted into international juried shows, Art Quilts X: Xhilarating: Joy in the Making in Chandler, Arizona and the International Quilt Association show in Houston, Texas. Two quilts are currently touring with Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational shows. In addition, my quilts have been exhibited at Pfizer Corporation, University of Michigan Hospital, the Power Center and the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild.

— Carolyn King, November 2009